Zenfolio | sonny mencher | Christmas Bird Count - SF circle - Pacifica area

Participated in San Francisco Christmas Bird Count - Pacifica area. Highlights of day included long tailed and Harloquin duck, Black Scoters and 8 Northern Fulmars at the Pacifica Pier. Non-bird sights included surf breaking at the pier and sunset along Canada Road near Filoli Estate
American kestrelHeermann's Gull,Heermann's Gull,Heermann's Gull,Western MeadowlarkWestern MeadowlarkPurple FinchRed tailed HawkCalerro Creek mouthCalif ThrasherCalif ThrasherCalif ThrasherSurf birdLong tailed Duck and ScoterLong tailed Duck and ScoterHarloquin DuckHarloquin DuckHarloquin DuckSay's Phoebe,Ruby crowned Kinglet