Zenfolio | sonny mencher | SF Arboretum bird walk 080413

Golden Gate Audubon 1st Sunday of Month Bird Walk.Birding was slow, overcast morning provided poor light for birding but helped with photography.We saw many Rufous/Allen's Selasphorus Hummingbirds.Difficult to ID in field. According to historical migration data of Arboratum (Per Dom) the Allen's should have left so those still around are most likely Rufous. But?????If anyone can ID the two flowers , please list the names in "comments"
Probable Rufous HummingbirdProbable Rufous HummingbirdProbable Rufous HummingbirdPurple Finch in Coffee Berry bushPurple Finch in Coffeeberry bushPurple Finch in Coffeeberry bushPurple Finch in Coffeeberry bushAmerican Robin-juvenileChestnut-backed Chickadee at nest holePigmy Nuthatch at nest holeProbable Rufous HummingbirdProbable Rufous HummingbirdFlowerssong sparrowRed-tailed HawkFlowers