Ann Rosenthal's suggestion that we check out Searsville Dam after the recent rains caught my interest so yesterday morning I made an early trip to the lake. Wonderful early morning light, new buds on plants and water flowing over the dam.
Went down trail 14 to get to base of dam - Saw this Amanita vaginata (thanks to Brooke for ID)
Then took some photos of water flowing over dam. Had camera on tripod so tried different shutter speeds. Interesting series of images.
Drove around to Escobar gate - great clouds
Searsville LakeSearsville LakeWater over the damSearsville LakeSearsville LakeSearsville LakeSearsville LakeRising mistSearsville LakeWater over the damSearsville LakeWater over the damMushroom locationMushroom-Amanita vaginata, commonly known as the grisette-edibleMushroom-Amanita vaginata, commonly known as the grisette-edibleShutter speed of 0.6 secShutter speed of 0.4 secShutter speed of 1/6 secShutter speed of 1/15 secShutter speed of 1/200 sec

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