Zenfolio | sonny mencher | San Francisco photoshoot - Holiday shopping

Street photography class with Neeley Main. Christmas shopping, full stores, people in holiday spirit, great group of participants. As it got to evening we headed to Union Square for the Xmas tree, ice skating and to see the Macy*display. Some of the most interesting views were from inside Macy*s on upper floors. Views of the Union Square area with reflections of the displays inside Macy*s
Reflections on BARTButtThanks MaWindows and ShadesHead in a dream-2PresenceRed and Yellow and Green and Blue plus OrangeThat's me taking picture of meI can hear youTranlucent bus stopManikin abstractHands-1I'm watchingAllow meImage of selfNice tie!WaitingPresent but passed byHow to cross street safelyAnother photographer with same vision