Zenfolio | sonny mencher | 2018-01-27 Birding Monterey County

Visited Laguna Grande,and Aptos At Lagune Grande - Norhtern Parula, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher and Yellow breasted Chat. At creek mouth in Aptos a Long tailed Duck - on surface and hunting for food along bottom of shallow creek. Also had Muscovy Duck-domestic-here
Blue-grey Gnatcatcher -03593Blue-grey Gnatcatcher -03597Blue-grey Gnatcatcher -03598Long-tailed Duck-03843Long-tailed Duck-03850Long-tailed Duck-03875Long-tailed Duck-03880Long-tailed Duck-03883Long-tailed Duck-03884Long-tailed Duck-03885Muscovy Duck -03914Muscovy Duck -03916Northern Parula-03639Northern Parula-03641Northern Parula-03682Northern Parula-03684Yellow breasted Chat (-03623Yellow breasted Chat (-03626Muscovy Duck -03914