Zenfolio | sonny mencher | 2014-02-22 & 03-01 PAAS Master Class field trips

Palo Adult Master Birding Class field trip to various spots in San Francisco South Bay Area - Did have county first of season if not actual first time sighting of small flock of olive-green sapsucker seekers (OGSS)
Cooper's HawkBelted KingfisherHermit ThrushSharp shinned HawkOlive-green Sapsucker Seekers (OGSS)Northern MockingbirdRed shouldered Hawk with nesting materialRed naped Sapsucker-1Red naped Sapsucker-2Red naped Sapsucker-3Jack rabbit with split ear-1Jack rabbit with split ear-2Western BluebirdWhite throated sparrowLincoln's SparrowGolden Eagle -1Golden Eagle -2Wild TurkeyAmerican KestrelGopher snake